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May. 16th, 2013 06:13 pm
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I'm not usually a journal user, but I can be found over here:

[tumblr.com profile] phrenotobe on Tumblr.
[twitter.com profile] phrenotobe on Twitter.

I also have an 8tracks under the same name if you like music.

My Skype is private to a certain degree but if we're on good terms a/o you're a teammate, send me a message about it and I'll add you. It is not my favourite method of communication - but I'll add just about anybody on it. Before you do this, please send me a message so I know who you are.
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 Hello! I'm writing this really close to deadline and will probably edit it later but for now I've got some standby stuff.
Stuff I like: 
Liege/knight devotion 
Buff girls, Jock girls, Jock/Nerd pairings
Genre fiction with gay subplots (Sci-fi story with f/f romance on the side, not The Being Gay Angst) 
6ft tall say’ri with her 6’5 brother yen’fay 
Height difference
Happy endings
Monster! AUs
Trans headcanons & Nonbinary headcanons 
Post-canon happiness and rebuilding
That sweet sweet romantic tension 
Denial of feelings
Fake dating, awkward bed sharing, other tropes that go into that. 
Sci-Fi, Space Opera, Star Wars AUs
Actually draconic Hoshidan and Nohrian royalty 
Manaketes with scales and sharp claws and bird of prey-style hands
Stuff I don’t like:
Outright homophobia in my gay narratives
Noncon (Dubcon is fine but like... enthusiasm on all sides is preferred) 
Please don't reference days of future past or heirs of fate in any great detail - I like to avoid fe13's Bad Timeline Of Sadness as much as possible. 
Please don't use genderbends, and if you're including trans headcanons (which I will absolutely love) can you keep the character's gender the same as the canon gender. 

When it comes to side pairings, my favourite pairs are these:

FE13: say'ri/tiki, sully/miriel or miriel/sully/sumia, severa/kjelle, owain/brady, gerome/laurent and emmeryn/phila. 
FE14: rinkah/oboro, beruka/camilla, selena/camilla/beruka, ryoma/saizo, kaze/M!corrin and kagero/orochi. 
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Hello, and thank you for taking on my prompts! (Or instead I thank you for reading my letter.) 
This is a WIP but should be done by 6/9/15 so uh, bear with me - I wasn't expecting the assignments to go out on the 4th. 

I'm totally okay with any rating of fic, from explicit to pg, so whatever you choose to write, and whatever makes you feel comfortable, I will eagerly accept. 

Fire Emblem: Awakening -


Hey so I have a bunch of headcanons that would be awesome to have in any fic or art, but honestly what draws me to this pair is how much strength they draw from each other, and how their loss makes them such good foils to the pain each of them have. With Tiki, Say'ri sees there is a life after so much loss, and with Say'ri, Tiki realizes that keeping attached to humans is worth the risk, even after she has lost so many people she loved. They care for each other, despite their rocky start - and even if Say'ri doesn't always get what Tiki means - Say'ri has a habit of going off too early, too thoughtlessly, and has only a modicum of social finesse in comparison - I just get the feeling that Say'ri deeply wants Tiki's safety first, and I'm inclined to believe that following their supports she'd want Tiki's happiness, too. 
On Tiki's end, I think she'd get an important relationship. Tiki seems attracted to royalty and while I can't say that it is a Dragon Thing, it definitely seems to be a Tiki Thing, and I feel that she'd have different thoughts about Say'ri than she would about other people she cared about - Marth and Xane were with her when she was very young, and Tiki has matured since then, as has her outlook. (I also headcanon that Xane is the reason for her sense of humour, as he (xe) got through life by using humour to slip away from painful situations.) 
No matter what their relationship ends up being, I'd always want them to know each other.
(I see Say'ri as a trans woman and I usually paint Tiki to be of south asian descent, but this is by no means a demand upon you. Though, I do have a particular ship tag.) 


Panne is great and I enjoy her oddities as much as I admire her bravery. I'd like to know what she thinks, though I know she is a woman of few words, most of which are incredibly direct. Is this a defense mechanism? Does she hear things differently? If you're into roleswap/species swap I'd like to see that experiment. Nevertheless, I'm also a fool for a story about getting to really know somebody, and stepping down from a place of fear and mistrust into a place of better understanding. 


Miriel and Sully remind me of the folks back in school with seemingly unrelated interests who you think wouldn't get along, but absolutely do. I am glad they have such respect for one another, though honestly they remind me particularly of Texts From Last Night - the following being such an example:

My homemade mace ate through its aluminum container. I make awesome mace.
I am just glad I was home to catch most of it, cause it smells BAD.
I'm not a scientist but that could be because it's homemade mace. That is however just a hypothesis...

Anyway, point made and moving on, I love them because of their shenanigans and potential for fun. Not that I'm averse to drama-filled fics (I thrive on them) but some otps are made for relaxing with, and SullyMiriel is one of those, at least for me.

In most fire emblem work I really enjoy seeing the relationships outside of the matched pairs, so I'll most likely enjoy it if you want to include other folks that are important to them - Sully's relationship with Sumia is just as important as what she does with Miriel. While Say'ri and Tiki don't have many other supports, I also like it when they do get to talk to the main group of shepherds - and the same goes with Panne. I also like the idea of Say'ri taking the throne after her family's death and trying to be a good ruler while being very unprepared. 
I'm also allergic to say'ri being taken seriously have you SEEN her pre-battle puns, she's a giant nerd.

Original Work:

Buff Gentle Giantess/Petite Spitfire
Newly Turned Werewolf/Born Werewolf
Space Outlaw/Space Princess 

I really like space as a place to hang out in stories, but I'd definitely understand if it isn't your thing. I'm very interested in pairs where one half fits irregularly with the other, but there is a solid bond that either grows or has lasted for a long time. Old friends, for instance, or allies forged through difficult circumstances. 
As might be implied by my picks, I like muscles (abs), height difference and battle scars. I also enjoy large noses as a physical feature, and gentleness as a good personal attribute. 


Blake Beladonna/Weiss Schnee

Blake and Weiss are one of my favourite pairs because bratty princess types are innately comedic to me. Blake is such an interesting character in general though, and with a lot still to find out about faunus, I'd love a little (or a lottle) worldbuilding about them. That said, I'm just very taken with their height difference. If you're into it, it'd be really lovely to see a dark Blake - fandom has done an excellent job of overwriting canon in that regard. 

幽☆遊☆白書 | YuYu Hakusho: Ghost Files

Botan/Kuwabara Shizuru 
Kuwabara Shizuru/Yukina

Yukina is a very interesting person and I love how she comes from a place of such stoicism and yet decides that warm and assertive is what she wants to be like. She and Shizuru make an excellent pair even if they won't be that way for as long as Yukina perhaps wants to be - which leads into Botan/Shizuru, in that they use similar types of flippant defense to deal with harsh realities of their personal lives. I just simply couldn't decide which arrangement I enjoyed these ladies in the most, so I picked all three. I'd be very open to a poly fic if that is something you liked to do, and if you'd rather keep the relationship to just a single axis, it'd be nice to have the other girls in the main couple's lives. That said, I love character studies and if you want to pull the focus in tight to perhaps round out some bumps in characterization that have been bothering you, I'm all for it. 

Final Fantasy VI 
Terra Branford/Celes Chere

I hope somebody still ships this. Terra and Celes are very lovely and I'd like to see them find happiness. It has been a while since I played ff6, but the feels still abound. 

Dragon Age (DA2, DA:i)

Cassandra Pentaghast/Vivienne
Isabela/Aveline Vallen
Josephine Montilyet/Cassandra Pentaghast

I'll try to update this with more detail as I think of things, but I definitely hope that you have fun with whatever you choose to do. I love reading and seeing things that folks do and I'm like 100% sure I will enjoy what you're making. 

If you have any questions or want to contact me about stuff then please talk to the femslashex mods and see if they can act as an intermediary between us - I'd be glad to clear up any additional questions raised that weren't covered in this letter. 

Lastly, here are a couple things I should probably mention.

Things I can probably deal with, but I don't find very fun:
Dying wastefully in the service of a higher cause 
Substance abuse
when there was an opportunity for a pun but there was no pun 

Things I would rather not have:
Homophobia, especially internalized
That one idea that there is only one person for you, ever
When one person is a ghost 

cordyceps type fungus
vore & unsanitary stuff
abuse handled without recognition of the fact

Stuff I enjoy includes:

Arranged Marriage: the goal, the pinacle, the #1 trope. Combine it with Fake Married and Seemingly Unrequited Pining and I'm a mess. Nevertheless here is more stuff I like: 

Learning a second language
Trans headcanons 
Devotion (requited)
Height differences
When not-humans do and have and say not-human things
Queens with lady consorts
Queens who go into battle 
Friends to lovers
Role Reversal AUs
Reincarnation AUs
Urban Fantasy/Modern era AUs


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 Screams gently about firstposting to a comm and the html hecking up.
I wrote a fic. It's about ladies. 

Find yourself some say'ri/tiki fluff on AO3. 

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 Title: Bust It Real Good
Fandom: Fire Emblem (Ylisse games)
Pairing: Sully/Miriel
Rating: PG, minor injury mention. 
Prompt: TFLN 
Word Count: 451, give or take. 
Summary: (403):I just sustained a forearm injury dancing to salt n peppa in my kitchen. Fack. I pushed it real good.

on Femslashficlets // properly edited and spellchecked on AO3

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Sup, I love fire emblem, tactical stuff is my jam.

I am absolutely into F/F but I most of all love lady characters and would really enjoy stuff about them the most. I just love celebrating ladies and seeing them do cool things. On that note, I love trans headcanons and would love to see trans ladies if it's something you feel like you'd like to do.

I love AUs a whole ton and love to see the nominated characters in other situations and scenarios. I'm also super fond of height difference and dragons being actually significantly different from humans - scales, forked tongues, eyes glowing in the dark, purring and chirping - I love the taguel for the same reasons too! I'm honestly a fan of making non-humans as cool and strange as possible.

A couple tropes I like include werewolf transformation AUs (one gets infected, the other has to help them cope) arranged marriage, way too many fight scenes per capita, lady friendship, lady love, linguistics, sci-fi, bodice rippers as smashed into anything else on this list, and species swap. I love sibling dynamics too - Say'ri's relationship with Yen'fay really hurts me since it's pretty clear how much she looked up to him.

I really like things about language and the teaching thereof, and like the contrast between Miriel's scientific method and... well, everybody else! I love her dedication to learning, even if it makes her seem frightfully awkward. Maribelle also has an impressive vocabulary and is a stickler for the right word in the right place. All of the ladies I nominated are super cool and would bring me joy to see - Say'ri/Tiki is what brought me back into Fire Emblem properly, but I've got plenty of love spread among the rest of the FE7 and FE13 cast.

I also love Say'ri and Tiki's dynamic - the way they lock together against outside foes and talk out their problems to end up with acceptance and understanding. I mentioned this in another letter, but it's still relevant - It's the knight and lady dynamic with Tiki and Say'ri that I like the most, with the dedication of service as a promise that the person the knight protects is somebody they will not fail and the implicit notion that the person being protected has a similar responsibility to their protector to care about their well-being in return. That, and Tiki is able to care for herself as well as look out for Say'ri, but that samurai nerd will still do all she can to prevent harm coming to Tiki anyway.
I'd love to see them together and not be the one doing it since I am responsible for a large chunk of say'ri/tiki art in the Fire Emblem Awakening tag. It'd be the best thing ever!

(If you wanted to give arranged marriage fic a go, now is the perfect time for the princess of Chon'sin to get hitched to the princess of the Divine Dragon tribe.)

If I'm being super indulgent, I have been really into Florina/Say'ri lately, as I really like the dynamic of two very polite people who circle around their attraction to a ridiculous degree. If you feel up to doing something with them together it'd be amazing.
(here is a shipping post)

Feel free to pick around my fire emblem tags on tumblr - and if you're still not sure of what you want to do, please let one of the excellent mods of FE Secret Santa know you're stuck. I'm always open to inquiries through them if you need to know more about anything. If you're having fun, I'll probably love whatever you do!


Nov. 11th, 2014 03:54 am
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Hi, if you're reading this then I'm glad you've got my prompts for Nagamas! If you're reading this and you haven't got my prompts, good to see you anyhow. ( 0u0)b

A quick note before you start - I love femslash but above all I love women, so I honestly don't mind if any of the f/f prompts keep chaste or platonic. It's not about the kissing for me, it's just about celebrating ladies.
On that note I love trans headcanons and would love to see trans ladies if it's something you feel like you'd like to do! Modern AUs away from the fighting are great too - as are sci-fi ones that bring people into space. Dorks are dorks no matter what era they're in.

I had to reconstruct these prompts from memory because I can't find the text file I put them down in, but hopefully they match up okay.

Prompt 1: Yen'fay teaching Say'ri non-martial skills (poetry, painting, caligraphy, typical nobleperson pursuits for a family of their status) and/or filling in for absent parents in canon compliant or a modern AU - I know that Yen'fay loves Say'ri, but he does it through action, rather than actually telling her directly. It's pretty silly of me to want this, but I just wish I could see them as a family, even if they've learned to be stoic and not talk about anything because they are terrible, terrible nerds.
(I made a post about how I view their sibling relationship here if it would interest you, but reading it is totally optional.)

Prompt 2: Tiki and Say'ri status/species switch - I have a Manakete Say'ri tag on my blog but any way you want to do it for yourself is rad, I'm not going to impose my own thoughts on yours! - I really would love something where Say'ri is not quite as sad as canon, but I'm well aware that the life of a manakete can get plenty sad on its own.

It's the knight and lady dynamic about Tiki and Say'ri that I really adore - the dedication of service as a promise that the person the knight protects is somebody they will not fail - with the implicit notion that the person being protected has a similar responsibility to their protector to care about their well-being in return.
(Just, oh god, let them kiss, I'm dyin' here.)

I have a little bundle of headcanons for Manakete Say'ri but they mainly revolve around how an awkward person like Say'ri would be incredibly out of touch, forget she's talking in a dialect nobody speaks anymore (people can understand it, but not very much) and have a Xena-like approach to people she saw as a threat.

Prompt 3: Panne, Language and Respect - I am so sad about how fire emblem games doesn't address linguistics or mention that there may be more than one common tongue. There's got to be at least different dialects on the continent, even if there were wars that caused terrible things like forced assimilation, as well as fantasy elf discrimination from humans to beastmen and half-dragons. I love things that are just focusing on somebody teaching somebody else the intricacies of their mother tongue, but there's no reason to say it can't be shipping (f/f is good, as is f/m, (my favourite 1st gen dudes are Libra and Lon'qu) but you can definitely involve Yarne instead if you wanted.

Prompt 4: Florina and Lyndis, Freedom - Lyndis is really genuine and open, but at her root she's fairly blunt and finds politicking really bothersome, while Florina is so gentle and careful in everything she does - despite her clumsiness. I really love how their personalities fit so well together and how much Florina has a long history with her. If I could see them happy together, it'd make my day - I've had them as an otp for several years.

If you're still not sure of what to do, please let one of the absolutely sub-zero cool Nagamas mods know you're having trouble! I'm always open to inquiries through them if you need to know more about a particular thing. If you're having fun, I'll probably love whatever you do!


Nov. 1st, 2014 02:21 am
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Oh man I love ladystuck it is my favourite.

First and foremost: You can tip my prompts upside down and mash them up or switch around the pairings (I like all the combinations and have probably wanted to see more than one pairing for a prompt than the one I selected) but please keep fills all about the girls.

I really like trans headcanons, and I'm also fond of polyshipping, quadrant flips, women who are tall and strong and people who are mixed race.

I have lately fell into fire emblem where everything is cool ladies and fantasy battles, which precipitated the first prompt. I love the protective and reverent feel of a knight and lord dynamic that can be found in many m/m fics, but i don't see why John and Karkat and Dave need to have all the fun.
Kanaya is super protective of those she cares about, and Rose takes after her dad, trying to do everything on her own. They're awful, I am a great believer in the RoseKan Is Frightfully Unclassy movement and their banter when they're dropping burns on each other is full of choice zingers. I hope they kiss.
(related bonus: John writing a terrible first communique to Kanaya causing a big political misunderstanding.)

Aradia and Kanaya: the very definition of an irresistable force hitting an immovable object. Their contrasts are amazing and they both come together to make a great team - stubborn women who have two different ways of acting on their impulses. I do think they would be an absolutely fabulous redrom - albeit one filled with terrible puns, a little bit of shoving, fussing, teasing and irresponsibility on both their parts tempered by care and practicality that show up in different areas to make a cohesive whole. I lean toward red/pale but a good, healthy blackrom would be super fun too.

For the four ladies, I'm really into group dynamics where it's a found family that don't always get on so well, but really like each other.
I also liked hellboy and the way the team were misfits who goofed around rather than some kind of crack task force. If you like that kind of thing too, that would be awesome. (Though not required).

Terezi/Jade is really cool - especially since Jade pretends she doesn't have problems and Terezi is good at striking to a weak point on purpose. Romance doesn't have to be here, but I like it - and I do ship them both with Vriska.

General notes about trolls that are awesome:

I like cool xeno things like an emphasis on anthropological things that deviate from humans, chirpy buzzing beetlecat trolls, seriously stick weird noises everywhere i love it - aesthetics that go against human norms and are loudly enthused about, use of biowire and organic construction in daily life like we see in the comics but taken up to eleven.

I am also a huge fan of mixed troll/human worldbuilding! I like them stuffed next to each other and having mixed language things and hybrid culture. I love linguistics in general too.

If anything I mention here does inspire nsfw, please keep it safe and sanitary and if you can have an emphasis on enthusiasm from all parties - I do like size differences, fumbling, admiration and playfulness - light bondage is totally awesome but whips and formalized pain in a sexual context make me slightly nervous so if you could not do that it'd be great. (I'm not a big fan of heavy bloodplay either. blood drinking is somehow fine but more as a food thing, not a kink thing)
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Hi! gosh, fandom exchanges are exciting. To start off, here's a bunch of things I like:

I really like when two people both think it's unrequited pining. I love people who are genuine coming up against people who have like a ton of walls. I like creeping symptoms and physical/morality struggles, as well as like transformation and dressing sequences too for what they say about a person. Trans headcanons are amazing too. So are ladies wearing suits and uniforms. I do like ladies who are buff too (headcanon or actual canon).

If you're leaning nsfw then I'd say do as you wish but please keep things sanitary. Biting and restraint are fun. Size difference with the smaller one leading the show is rad too. Keep it cute if you can. Happy, engaged in, perhaps shy but definitely up for it is the stuff I like.

Things I don't dig: I get mega uncomfortable when gift fics for me are all about dudes. I love dudes saying words and supporting everyone, but I want ladies doing the cool bits and their actions driving the plot.

Kamen Rider W - I love Akiko so much!!! She is a determined golden wonder who cares so much about the people who come to her for help and she is so strong and playful and fun.
With the prompt, I would like to see her getting more of a first person insight into what her father did and her friends do and the weight she's carrying when she becomes Kamen Rider Skull. (I am also really glad of the respect that her male co-workers give her in canon, please keep that.) Phillip and Shoutarou are in the required tags, of course, but if it suits to keep her working solo then by all means leave them on the doorstep to play with a gentle pat on the head. I love every single character in W (Aside from perhaps a couple of creepy dopants) so if you take a liking to having Queen & Elizabeth around or want to bump up one of the many wonderful girls who are aided by the softboiled crime fighting team during the series to an assistant position then by all means fit them right in.
(If you're into monster of the week fic I really love sharks, octopodes, lions and dragons - and if you're into investigation/casefic from any fandom I really loved the episode where she gets hired as a maid and spends the entire time being amazing.)

Carmilla - I am into free for all ot3 but I am also really fond of negotiated relationships at the same time. I like Danny being honestly irate at having to share and Carmilla being... surprisingly chill about it?
Werewolves are one of my favourite fantasy creatures and I most like when their focus is on keeping connections to humanity and protecting and defending those weaker than themselves. Naturally, making Danny one of those seemed a good fit, even if the circumstances around it happening are, I assume, accidental.
I didn't put LaFontaine or Perry in the tags in case you want to write a tighter focus on just the three of these girls but I love them being around and "helping" for varied levels of aid given. (LaF would jump at the chance for tests and also they're great together in a group of five, not just a group of three.)
Danny and Carmilla do have amazing chemistry and Carmilla herself is presumably the best person to help her through a lyanthropic detox or full moonlit change due to her strength and familiarity with the supernaturally strange. However, Laura does provide a balancing effect to both, softening up Danny's hardness and being a fluffy impact absorber to Carmilla's barbs so I'm definitely invested in all three of them together, working through this.
(I headcanon Danny having a single room with a giant battle axe over her desk. If a scene ends up being back in her own room then it would be rad to see it in there.) EXTRA BONUS: Transformation, I love it when it is gross and weird. See American Werewolf In London for an example.

Rekka No Ken - I know Lyndis and Florina are pretty much married by the third support but they do get totally choked by their own duties. I hope that they can work together to find space to enjoy each other's company in between the things that need doing as the co-head of a state. Florina is braver than she realizes and Lyndis does need a hug sometimes while she's being Miss Tower Of Strength In Adversity. Lyn is a lot more in touch with her adventurous, battle-ready side than her stateswomanly one, so it'd be important to have Florina helping her when she gets frustrated by red tape and wax stamps.
(Side note: If you're at all fond of romantic relationships that are non-sexual like the moirail concept from Homestuck, I'd be very okay with that. I'd be equally as happy with them doing the do rather than it staying in the nonsexual love zone but I figured I'd mention it.)

Discworld - So I like Maladict with he/they pronouns and a good amount of agenderness. I don't really know what I need out of this prompt, other than wanting to see Polly and Maladict interacting again. They seem to balance each other and it would be cool to see what Polly would say about being a leader after Jackrum. Maladict has probably seen a lot of things - or can pretend that they have, and if Polly has been doing things during this time she might have been all over the disc. They might have a few scars to compare.

Hope you have fun with at least one of these! So long as you're enjoying what you're doing, I'm sure I'll love it too.
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Dear Rarepair Fest participant,

Glad we're both taking part in a cool thing together!
As you can see, I am all about the ladies, but I'm also quite fond of gentlemen. I've tried to leave things pretty open, so you're free to include any side characters you deem necessary, or to leave them out entirely. To keep things simple, I'm sticking some headcanons and preferences in here, but you don't have to cleave to what I want and can gleefully ignore things so long as you're making something you like.

So I really love Kanaya/Aradia, because Aradia likes adventure and breaking things, and Kanaya puts up with an awful lot until she snaps and is totally Done. I like them to have a height difference with Kanaya being taller, and I really really like Aradia to be super curvy, but if you don't, that's cool too. There's a cool contrast between Aradia's impulse and Kanaya's careful tending and that is the dynamic I love about them the most, where Kanaya gets pulled into motion and Aradia is tempered a little and encouraged to slow down just a bit. (This is also why I enjoy Nepeta and Kanaya.)

Jade is super great and lots of people feel she's undervalued. I love lots of different types of Jades, but my favourites are the big buff amazons who tuck their wayward kissfriends under their arms and blast through every obstacle. Tiny ones are cute though so pick your favourite!
I love it when she's telling people exactly what she thinks and has no qualms about telling people to get their heads out of their ass!

I like Vriska pushed out of her comfort zone and when she's forced to shut up and do stuff without being able to pause and peacock around - or when she does, she's utterly thwarted. I would love you to gently tug on her ambulatory pin and mess her around if you take up the prompt with her in.

Finally, I super like tiny muscular nepetas and big square buff karkats and teeny little slim Daves. I have similar sentiments in my other letters about other characters, so if you want to, have a quick glance through those, too.
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Hello, Jadefest recipient!

As always, thanks for taking on my prompts. If you feel kind of wary about them, it's ok! I'm glad we're in this together and I hope they're adequate for your needs. If you need any clarification on anything, please do ask the mods to get in touch with me with your query, I'll be really happy to give you (though them) any additional information you need to know.

Don't worry if you start over, sometimes things go weird in the middle and the only fix is a hard reset. As for my prompts, I want to say that it's absolutely okay to use them as a jumping off point for something you really want to do instead. I love Jade in general and am a huge fan of lady-centric fandom challenges so as long as you're doing a thing you want to do, I'll be glad to enjoy it at reveals.

You can find my tumblr over at phrenotobe! I doubt you'll find a lot of jade meta over there but sometimes drawings happen of varying quality. (This letter will be linked there if you need to find it again.)

As for headcanons, I really enjoy Jades that are hispanic or middle eastern and maybe just a little bit buff and amazon in stature - but if that doesn't work for you and you've got a preferred Jade headcanon of your own, feel free to ignore this. All Jades are lovely.

I hope you have fun above all with this fest, and that the thing you decide on is something you're proud of doing. I love height differences, comedy and ladies being rad, so any one out of those three is A-Ok with me.
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Hello, friend!

I'm really glad you are taking on my prompts and I hope they're not too oblique or overwrought.
You can rifle through my blog archive over at phrenotobe on tumblr, and if you need clarification or anything on any of the things I've put down, please let the mods know, they are all very lovely people and make great intermediaries.

As for my prompts, I want to let you know that if you decide to pull a 180 and rework a prompt so it's different and something you want to do way more, I want you to go for it. Aradia's an esper? Kanaya's a robot? Feferi and Aradia have to helm the Lucky Sp8der to punch kaiju and save the world? Hell yes, I want to see that. (To be honest I would probably kill for an aradia/kanaya version of any of these prompts)

I am really easy to sell an idea to, and if you are anything like me, you may restart your project a couple times before you hit your stride and find something you're jazzed about finishing. Don't panic if you think you're going to mess up, because I appreciate you signing up to this randomized grab bag of female celebration and I hope that you feel good about what you do!

There's five prompts (I am so enthusiastic about ladyshipping, you don't even know) and I realize they may sound open-ended, but I've tried to write them as springboards for you to do your own thing.

When it comes to headcanons, if you want to blow me out of the water by slipping in something about these things, I'd really enjoy it. If you don't wanna, that's cool too!

* Height/body type differences. I love height difference couples and I love reading about them. They're the best!

* east asian Roses! I like her the smallest of her friends, and also one of the curviest. She's acerbic and smart and sharp with people, so the contrast is really cool idea to me.

*Before Damara came along I actually headcanoned humanstuck Aradia as hispanic! Now I still do because I am begrudgingly unwilling to let go.

*I take my Kanayas tall, broad-shouldered and handsome, instead of narrow, beautiful and wispy. I like the contrast between how much she cares about how she looks and how much she'd be able to snap people like a twig, with only what she calls manners the reason why she doesn't regularly tap into that.

*I love xeno trolls! I like trolls that don't get things three times out of four and play dumb the fourth time to trip you up. I like it when they make non-human noises and don't adhere to human norms at all.

More information about this sort of thing can be gleaned from my more recent fic!


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